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野澤松也  Matsuya Nozawa



1955年 広島市生まれ

1969年 母の勧めで三味線を始める(当時一四歳)

1972年 国立劇場第一期文楽研修生になる

1974年 研修終了。野澤松之輔の内弟子となる


1979年 松竹歌舞伎に入る


1999年 重要無形文化財総合指定保持者になる

2004年  『創作浄瑠璃の会』設立。創作浄瑠璃の弾き語り活動開始

2016年  『三味似粋人ジャパン』設立

現在、松竹歌舞伎(東京 歌舞伎座、国立劇場、新橋演舞場、京都 南座、大阪 松竹座、名古屋 御園座、福岡 博多座、等)で演奏。

「児雷也豪傑譚話」「NINAGAWA 十二夜」他を作曲。




竹本協会 理事

伝統歌舞伎保存会 会員

義太夫協会 正会員


​創作浄瑠璃 創始者

Kabuki Gidayu shamisen performer , As Takemoto renchu (Takemoto company)

Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties by Minister of Japan

Matsuya Nozawa was born 1955 in Hiroshima city , Japan .

In 1969 , Began playing shamisen on recommendation of his mother .

In 1972 , Started the training period as the National Theatre (国立劇場) first phase Bunraku trainee .

In 1974 , He completed this training , and became a private pupil of Matsunosuke Nozawa (野澤松之輔).

The same year in April , Debuted at the National theater Bunraku performances .

In 1979 , Enter the company " Shochiku Kabuki " (松竹歌舞伎) , debuted as a shamisen performer of Kabuki play " Kanadehon Chushingura " (仮名手本忠臣蔵) at the National theatre .

In 1999 , Matsuya Nozawa was certified as Preservers of Important Intangible  Cultural Properties (重要無形文化財総合指定保持者) by Minister of Japan .

In 2004 , He established “ Creative Joruri society ” (創作浄瑠璃の会) , started the activities “ Hikigatari ( sing and play shamisen ) ” .

In 2016 , Matsuya Nozawa  established “ Shaminist Japan” (三味似粋人ジャパン) , which slogan  is  '' Japanese traditional culture save the earth !! ”. 

He plays shamisen enthusiastically for Shochiku Kabuki too (Tokyo Kabuki-za, National Theater, Shimbashi Activities Center, Kyoto Minami-za,Osaka Shochiku-za, Nagoya Misono-za and Fukuoka Hakata-za etc..)

 He composed “Jiraiya Superb Story”, ”NINAGAWA Twelfth Night” and so many others. 

On the other hand,he acts so widely not only as a shamisen artist but as a lecturer of Japanese tradition like follows, Lecturer for The National Theater Trainee, Part-time lecturer for Gakushuin University and so on.

He always says his motto is just “Japanese traditional culture must save the earth!”

As his lifework , Matsuya Nozawa compose and arrange and create the Japanese folk tales and Japanese old stories in  Joruri style , convey by chanting playing Gidayu shamisen ( as a storyteller).

Those activities must make people feel familiar with “Shamisen & Joruri” he believes.

Actually his passion is really accepted widely from elementary school students to adults not only in Japan but abroad.

​Matsuya Nozawa

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